Jacob Powroznik on the Lake Conroe Classic: “It had potential!”

By Jacob Powroznik

HOUSTON, Texas – If you were to ask me to describe the recent Bassmaster Classic on Lake Conroe, Texas, in one word, I’d say “potential”. As in, I had the potential to do really, really well.

Unfortunately, I could never get those two or three really big bites to put me in contention for the trophy. I had the potential to turn in a really, really big bag on Championship Sunday, but I just couldn’t get it to materialize.

But that’s the hard reality about tournament bass fishing at this level: you know darn well that someone is going to turn “potential” into “reality”, and this year, that someone was Jordan Lee.

I have to hand it to Jordan. For a 25-year-old fishing only his third year as a pro, he’s become a legitimate Top 10-level threat in every tournament we fish. And he showed it on Conroe: 27 pounds, 4 ounces on Sunday, when it mattered most, tells you a lot about a guy’s ability to perform under pressure.

And let me make this clear: Lake Conroe was NOT easy last week. Yes, that lake has some dandy fish in it, and I really like it. I finished third on Conroe in the 2013 Toyota Texas Bass Classic, and really like the way the place fishes.

But through the course of the week, conditions changed almost by the hour. Conroe turned into a really demanding fishery – exactly what you’d expect at the Bassmaster Classic.