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Gearcase Lubricant

Quicksilver outperforms automotive gear oil in marine applications because of its specialized additive package designed for marine gear cases. Continued use of this gear case lubricant will:

  • Provide maximum protection against excessive wear—even in the presence of water
  • Prevent corrosion and pitting
  • Help extend gear life

What gear lube to use?

Quicksilver High Performance Gear Lube

Use Quicksilver High Performance Gear Lube for marine engines with gear cases above 75HP.


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Replacement Gear Sets

Quicksilver gear sets are precisely duplicated to ensure long gear life. When compared to aftermarket gears, Quicksilver uses forged gear blanks and higher quality steel rather than less expensive bar stock for added strength, reliability and durability.

Quicksilver gears

Quicksilver gears are shot peened to increase gear tooth strength.

Competitor’s gears

Competitor’s gears after 50 hours of testing.