She’s a woman who does it all; from drag racing boats to riding motorcycles, she’s one you don’t come across often. Kathy Frank, a Missouri native, has been successfully racing drag boats for 26 years.  Kathy’s everyday moto is, “Attitude is everything.” Kathy says, “I get my inspiration from the strength of the human spirit and the goodness and kindness in people. I work as a nurse in the operating room at our local hospital, so I see a lot of really sick and injured people. I love taking care of people, and I love seeing family & friends caring for loved ones. It’s amazing and rewarding.”

On June 29, 2017, Kathy was racing at Blarney Island in Antioch, IL. I and one other QCREW team member were lucky enough to go down and spend the day with her and her husband, Roy. Kathy Frank has a history with Blarney Island.  In 1994, Kathy Frank was racing at Blarney Island and she lost control of her boat and her body hit the water at 90 mph; she was lucky enough to only break her leg. But Kathy was back out there racing a year later!