Spring is here and it is officially time to take those bikes out of storage and get them back out on the street.  If you winterized your bike, it should be almost ready to ride, but if not, getting your bike ‘road-ready’ might take a bit more effort.

Here is a rundown of what every bike owner should do/check before hitting the road:

  1. Manual Labor
  2. Fuel
  3. Battery Maintenance
  4. Tires
  5. Oil & Filter
  6. Fluids
  7. Spring Cleaning


No matter what engine you are working with, whether it’s a lawn mower, car, ATV, snowmobile or motorcycle, it’s ALWAYS best to refer to your owner’s manual for instructions on any type of maintenance, but this spring preparation guide will give general pointers.


Gasoline can go stale and if forgotten about can cause issues with your stored motorcycle. After a few months, the more combustible elements in gasoline will have already started to evaporate. This can cause your bike to run roughly or not at all. High compression engines don’t like this, and the old fuel will cause it even bigger problems.