Quicksilver® Circle Track Engines





  • Durable Cast Iron

    A durable GM® Gen+ remanufactured cast iron block serves as the foundation for building up Quicksilver Circle Track racing engines. This block continues to be the most cost-effective and durable solution for this application. We complete these engines with a single-piece rear main seal, eight-bolt Edelbrock® 4bbl aluminum intake manifold and a 6-quart oil pan.

  • Roller Camshaft

    The lifespan of a roller camshaft engine will be longer than that of a flat tappet engine. The complex and stressful ritual of engine break-in procedures is simply unnecessary with a roller camshaft engine. No adjustments to the valvetrain are ever required because Quicksilver Circle Track engines use hydraulic lifters. This saves you both time and money.

  • Rugged Components

    You’ll find many of the rugged components designed for extreme duty in Quicksilver marine engines inside a Quicksilver Circle Track engine. Both use stainless steel valves, hardened valve seats, head gaskets with stainless steel fire rings, and heavy-duty marine valve springs for extended life. The robust design of these parts enhances durability and lowers expected cost over the course of many races.

  • Torque Rules

    The strongest torque curves in class deliver explosive acceleration out of the turns. Feel of the power night after night, season after season.

  • Factory Sealed

    To comply with popular stock-class racing rules, Quicksilver Circle Track engines are shipped with factory seals on the intake, front cover, oil pan and cylinder heads.

  • Quicksilver Performance Racing Oil

    Quicksilver lubricants have advanced the art of oil, and Quicksilver Circle Track engines are factory shipped with a fresh fill of Quicksilver Performance Racing 25W-40 synthetic blend oil. This oil provides the best wear and corrosion protection when operating the engine at maximum output and high temperatures for extended periods of time.

Quicksilver 357 Circle Track Engine

Displacement: 5.8L (357 cu in.) Horsepower: 350hp at 5000 rpm Torque: 407 foot-pounds at 3600 rpm

Quicksilver 383 Circle Track Engine

Displacement: 6.3L (383 cu in.) Horsepower: 400hp at 5500 rpm Torque: 440 foot-pounds at 3900 rpm

Quicksilver 409 Circle Track Engine

Displacement: 6.7L (409 cu in.) Horsepower: 500hp at 6100 rpm Torque: 506 foot-pounds at 4200 rpm