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5 Ways to Increase the Life of Your ATV or UTV

The peak season for ATV and UTV use is upon us – whether it is for recreational purposes or to accomplish projects at home or on your property. Adhering to a schedule of routine maintenance will help to ensure many hours of trouble-free riding, and by following the recommended steps below before hitting the trails or hauling loads, you’ll help to extend the life of critical components.

Clean Thoroughly

Long-term exposure to dirt, dust and water can lead to the degradation of an atv or UTV when not properly addressed. Whether you’re removing your vehicle from a lengthy storage period or you’ve just finished up a weekend full of riding, cleaning your equipment afterward is essential. Start by cleaning the bodywork panels with a quality carwash soap and thoroughly rinsing with water. For hard-to-reach areas on the frame, apply Quicksilver® All-Purpose Spray Cleaner. Formulated to penetrate and dissolve dirt, grease and grime, this biodegradable foaming cleaner and degreaser sprays on easy. After allowing it some time to penetrate, simply wipe or spray it off so there’s no film or residue left behind.

Battery Maintenance

For those who run winches or high-powered accessory lighting on their ATV or UTV, maintaining the battery is an easy way to ensure dependable performance. And a small investment in a battery charger will not only keep your battery healthy when your vehicle is not in use, it can also help to extend the life of its battery.

Clean Your Air Filter

After your dirtiest rides, be sure to check your air filter for excess dirt. A clean air filter helps to ensure that enough air is flowing into the engine – and that is critical. By preventing the smooth flow of air, a dirty air filter can rob your engine of precious horsepower and performance. Refer to your owner’s manual on how to best clean the air filter and how to determine when it is time to replace.

Quicksilver Pro Tip: Before putting a clean filter into a potentially dirty airbox, spray the inside of the airbox with Quicksilver Contact Cleaner. Safe to use on metal surfaces and most plastics, this cleaner is designed to remove dirt and grease and dries rapidly, leaving a clean surface free from residue.

Check Your Oil Level

Checking your oil before using your ATV or UTV should be a regular part of your pre-ride routine. This quick and simple procedure is a vital step in prolonging the life of your engine. Refer to your owner’s manual for suggested interval changes as well as information on compatible oil and oil filters. Quicksilver ATV/UTV 4-Stroke Oil meets the needs of all four-stroke engines, providing protection and easy starting in all climates and seasons. Establishing a routine oil change schedule helps to ensure that your engine is getting maximum wear and corrosion protection, while minimizing performance-robbing deposits and maintaining peak engine performance.

Inspect the Smaller Details

Take a moment to check all control wires and cables for signs of wear or fraying, then tighten all nuts, bolts and cap screws to specifications. Also, inspect for any unplugged wiring harnesses. Finally, measure the tire pressure and inflate to recommended levels as necessary.

Knowing your ATV or UTV is fully prepped and protected from wear and tear will give you peace of mind, whether you’re just having fun off-roading or hauling heavy materials.