Basic Snowmobile Maintenance

Winter is coming so it’s time for all the snowmobile enthusiasts to get your snowmobiles ready. Regular maintenance is crucial to keeping your snowmobile in good condition. Tune-ups, checkups, and once-overs are key to having a successful snowmobile season. The following maintenance tips should be considered when preparing your snowmobile for the season. Please refer to the owner’s manual for confirmation.

Snowmobile Pre-Season Maintenance

An average sit period for a snowmobile is about 250 days out of 365 (number of days may vary depending on location), so it is important to check to make sure all areas are functioning properly and are in good working conditions. Don’t think you can just start your engine and hit the trails. Make sure to check your owner’s manual for pre-season maintenance you need to perform before use. There is one procedure snowmobiles need to perform before hitting the trails and that is proper lubrication.

Changing the engine oil in your snowmobile is just as important as changing engine oil in a vehicle. If the engine isn’t properly lubricated it can cause major damage. Take the time to check the oil level before every adventure and change it every ~2,500 miles depending on use and conditions.

Oil Recommendations 

There are all kinds of brands, quality levels, and types of oil for snowmobiles. When it comes to finding which one fits your snowmobile, refer to your owner’s manual for details and recommendations on which to use. If you cannot find the recommended oil, use Quicksilver.

Quicksilver’s Full Synthetic 2-Stroke Snowmobile Oil meets the needs of all 2-Stroke snowmobiles. This low smoke / low odor formulation keeps power valves clean. Continued use of this oil will provide outstanding wear and corrosion protection, which helps extend engine life. It also minimizes performance-robbing carbon deposits and helps maintain peak engine performance and reliability. Quicksilver’s Full Synthetic 2-Stroke Snowmobile Oil meets or exceeds the manufacturer’s warranty requirements.

Using this product will not void manufacturer warranties. Exceeds JASO FD and ISO EGD. Recommended for use in all air- or liquid-cooled engines. It can be used in oil-injected or pre-mix applications.

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