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Five Basic Maintenance Tools Every Boater Should Own

If you are a do-it-yourself boat owner, there are many basic maintenance tasks you can probably take care of yourself. And quality marine-specific tools by Quicksilver® can help make many of these jobs a whole lot easier.

You can use a deep-well socket to remove a propeller nut, but a Quicksilver Floating Prop Wrench will make easy work of things. Be sure to keep one onboard, along with a spare propeller and the required installation hardware. Constructed of durable polymer, the Quicksilver Floating Prop Wrench won’t corrode in a marine atmosphere. And as its name implies, it floats, which is a huge asset when changing a damaged prop at sea. You can also use this wrench on land to remove the prop for storage or repair, or to inspect the propshaft for fishing line. The Quicksilver Floating Prop Wrench is available to fit a 15/16" prop nut or a 1 1/16" prop nut.

The Quicksilver Floating Prop Block is a hands-free device designed to fit between a propeller blade and the anti-ventilation plate to prevent the propeller from turning while removing or installing a prop nut. It’s made of durable plastic and, as its name suggests, it floats. The prop block is more convenient to use, and easier to store, than the 2x4 lumber that many boat owners use to block the propeller.

The oil filter on an outboard, sterndrive or inboard engine can often be difficult to remove without a filter wrench. There are many styles on the market, but a cap-style Quicksilver Oil Filter Installation or Removal Wrench is a durable tool you’ll use for many seasons. Made of steel with a tough powder coat finish to resist corrosion, it’s engineered to fit snugly over the closed end of the filter, even when the filter is in a tight space. Your socket wrench snaps into the center to provide leverage. See the product description or consult with a Quicksilver dealer to select the Quicksilver Oil Filter Wrench that will work with your engine’s filter.

PRO TIP: Your engine owner’s manual will provide a maintenance schedule and instructions for basic maintenance tasks. For more in-depth information, pick up a factory service manual for your engine. A PDF copy of owners and service manuals may be available for download from your engine manufacturer’s website, or you can order a paper copy from the site or from a dealer. Mercury Marine® and Yamaha™ Outboards offer manuals for many of its engines online.

A Quicksilver Oil Drain Pump is the right tool to use when changing engine oil in most Mercury® MerCruiser® sterndrive and inboard engines, and is compatible with many other marine engine brands. It can also be used to drain the oil from many four-stroke outboards if the oil must be changed while the boat is in the water. The pump is designed to fit on the threaded end of the oil dipstick tube.

Changing the gearcase lubricant is an annual maintenance task for most outboard and sterndrive models. The Quicksilver Gear Lube Pump is designed to thread directly to a quart or liter bottle of gear lube, and its hand pump can be used anywhere. The pump comes with adapter fittings to accommodate a number of different gearcase drains. 

Count on getting performance, protection and peace of mind when you invest in quality Quicksilver marine lubricants and service products. Go to Quicksilver.com for product information.

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