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How to Change a Mercury V8 or V6 Outboard Water-Separating Fuel Filter

According to professional marine technicians, fuel-related issues are among the leading causes of engine trouble in modern outboards. With this in mind, current Mercury® V8 and V6 outboards are equipped with a high-quality water-separating fuel filter. For reliable service, this filter should be changed annually or after each 100 hours of operation. A premium Quicksilver® fuel filter is a direct replacement for the original filter and offers OEM-quality fit and performance. Quicksilver parts are an ideal solution for the outboard owner who takes pride in doing it yourself.

A convenient time to change the fuel filter is when the boat and outboard are being prepared for offseason or long-term storage. The video below, hosted by Scott Glorvigen of Wired2Fish, demonstrates the process of installing a Quicksilver water-separating fuel filter on a Mercury 300hp FourStroke outboard. The same filter and procedure apply to all Mercury 4.6L V8 and 3.4L V6 outboards from 175 to 300hp, including the Mercury FourStroke, Verado®, Pro XS® and SeaPro™ model outboards. Snap fittings on the fuel lines make changing this filter a relatively easy task.

While the cowl is off, it’s a good time for a quick application of Quicksilver Corrosion Guard Engine Protect rust inhibitor on non-painted and painted surfaces of the outboard powerhead. Engine Protect forms a water-resistant barrier that helps prevent corrosion during long-term storage.

To complete the preparation of the fuel system for storage, Glorvigen also adds Quicksilver Quickare® Fuel Treatment to the boat fuel tank after filling the tank with fresh fuel. Quickare helps control corrosion, gum and varnish build-up, and it helps prevent phase separation associated with ethanol-blended fuel. It will also stabilize fuel for up to three months, which is perfect for a shorter offseason or break from using the boat. For longer periods of storage, use Quicksilver Quickstor® Fuel Stabilizer to help prevent fuel breakdown and oxidation for up to two years. The complete Quicksilver Fuel Care System is designed to be the boat owner’s first line of defense against fuel-related problems. Quicksilver fuel additives are specially formulated to keep fuel optimized, protect the fuel system, remove harmful deposits and help any marine engine run its best.

Consult your outboard owner’s manual for service schedule details. Then visit the Quicksilver website to find out where you can shop for all the premium Quicksilver engine care products needed to keep your outboard running at its peak.