How To Change Mercury 150 FourStroke Oil and Filter

An engine oil-and-filter service is a straightforward, do-it-yourself project for the owner of a Mercury 150 FourStroke outboard. Mercury engineers designed this versatile motor to be easy for the owner to maintain, and in this video Scott Glorvigen of Wired2Fish shows us how it’s done, using premium Quicksilver 10W-30 Four Stroke oil, a Quicksilver Marine oil filter, and some basic tools.

The maintenance schedule for the Mercury 150 FourStroke, and for most four-stroke outboards, calls for changing the oil and the oil filter every 100 hours, or annually. For many boat owners this annual oil change is part of preparing the outboard off-season storage. Never put the outboard in long-term storage without changing the oil. Moisture and acidic combustion byproducts in oil that has been in service all season can cause corrosion on internal components if left in the engine.

Pro Tip: Occasionally the oil filter O-ring may stick to the engine after the oil filter is removed. Always carefully check the filter sealing surface for the oil gasket. If you “double gasket" the new filter – screwing it on over the old gasket – it will likely leak oil and could cause engine damage.

For specific instructions on draining the oil and locating the filter on other outboard models, consult your owners manual, which will also specify the recommended lubricant products for your marine engine. The line of Quicksilver Premium marine lubricants includes four-stroke engine oil for any outboard brand, specifically formulated for the unique needs of the marine environment. Always dispose of waste oil properly.