How to Change Mercury ProKicker Outboard Oil and Oil Filter

When it’s time for off-season storage, don’t forget to give your kicker outboard a little love, in the form of an oil and filter change. Because auxiliary outboards spend most of their life at idle or very low rpm, it is common for condensation to accumulate in the oil; the motor may never get hot enough to cause that condensation to evaporate away. This makes regular oil-level checks and an annual oil change especially important for these smaller four-stroke outboards. Changing the oil is a pretty easy DIY task.

In this how-to video, Scott Glorvigen of Wired2Fish and the Lund Boats Pro Staff uses a Quicksilver Oil Change Kit and some basic tools to change the oil and filter on a Mercury 15hp ProKicker outboard. For specific instructions on draining the oil and locating the filter on other outboard models, consult your owners manual. Check your owner’s manual for the recommended lubricant products for your marine engine. The line of Quicksilver Premium marine lubricants includes four-stroke engine oil for any outboard brand, specifically formulated for the unique needs of the marine environment. Quicksilver Oil Change Kits for Mercury FourStroke model outboards from 15 horsepower to 115 horsepower package oil, an oil filter, and a drain plug seal and complete instructions in a convenient box.

The maintenance schedule for most four-stroke outboards calls for an oil and oil filter change every 100 hours, or annually. If you put your boat up for the winter, professional technicians suggest changing the oil as part of preparation for off-season storage. Storing the motor with old oil can expose internal engine components to moisture and acidic combustion byproducts, which can cause corrosion. Always dispose of waste oil properly. Visit to shop today!