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Introducing the New Quicksilver 409 MPI Bravo Engine

For owners of older boats who are seeking to return to or extend their time on the water, the introduction of the all-new 409 MPI Bravo® FWC engine from Quicksilver® adds the exciting prospect of a thrilling boost in performance to the list of practical reasons to breathe new life into a cherished classic with a repower.

The 409 MPI Bravo engine features head-turning performance and increased durability and reliability in a package that is smaller, up to 150 pounds lighter, and more fuel efficient than comparable big-block marine engines and backed by the confidence of a Quicksilver three-year limited warranty. Rated at 400hp, the 409 MPI engine is designed to replace non-catalyst 6.1L, 7.4L, 8.1L or 8.2L sterndrive engines in 21- to 31-foot single-engine boats and 28- to 38-foot twin-engine boats built before 2010 (prior to 2008 in California).

Head-Turning Performance

Beyond the economic considerations of a repower, the 409 MPI engine represents a step-change in performance compared to older technology engines. Its lighter weight, faster acceleration and higher-rpm operation combined with an exotic sound and smooth, quiet operation will transform the boating experience for owners of older boats who want to command attention at the dock or marina, according to Quicksilver Engines Category Director Mike Horak.

“How often is a repower an instant head-turner? Repowering with a 409 MPI engine is not just a repair. It’s a fundamentally different and exciting experience,” Horak said. “When the captain leans into the throttle it will provide an amazing amount of authority and thrust. They’ll be able to maneuver the boat effortlessly.”

Industry-Exclusive Flat-Plane Crankshaft

Among the 409 MPI engine’s many high-tech features, its unique flat-plane crankshaft stands out as a first in the marine industry and is key to its performance characteristics and exotic sound. Similar in design to those used in many racing applications and high-performance automobiles, a flat-plane crankshaft differs from a traditional V8 engine’s cross-pin crankshaft by rearranging the orientation of the pistons and connecting rods on the crankshaft journals and altering the engine’s cylinder firing order. This arrangement allows the engine to accelerate faster and more effectively expel exhaust gas byproducts of the combustion process, resulting in higher power output, increased fuel efficiency, smooth operation, and a distinctive sound at idle and when underway.

“We challenged ourselves to think differently when developing this engine, not just to do what everyone else does,” Horak said. “By virtue of using the flat-plane crankshaft we were able to raise the engine speed significantly to close to 6,000 rpm to deliver more prop thrust than a typical big-block. It’s a tremendous boost in performance.”

Manufactured from all-new components, the 409 MPI engine features freshwater cooling, a durable Quicksilver cast-iron V8 engine block, aluminum cylinder heads and multi-point fuel injection for easy starting and smooth operation. Designed to operate on 87 octane fuel with up to 10 percent ethanol, it features ceramic-coated forged pistons, Black-X composite valves and other forged internal components to deliver reduced wear and extended engine life for years of trouble-free service on the water.

Compatible with Mercury® SmartCraft® digital gauges, displays and analog controls, the 409 MPI engine can be retrofitted into single- or twin-engine boats with standard or magnum transoms and MerCruiser® Bravo One X® or Bravo Three X® sterndrives. Typical required modifications include new engine mounts, adjustments to exhaust components and regearing the sterndrive unit to compensate for the 409 MPI engine’s higher rpm range.

Why Repower?

When considering the decision to purchase a new boat or repower an existing one, boat owners balance cost, wait times and usage of their boat. For many owners of older boats, preserving years of memories spent on the water with family and friends factors heavily into the decision to repower a favorite boat rather than buy a new one. In practical terms, repowering an existing boat can also save significant time and money compared to the cost of a new boat, allowing the owner to return to the water faster and more affordably.

Repowering a cherished classic with the new 409 MPI engine adds a thrilling new dimension of performance to the enjoyment of many more years of memories on the water.

To learn about repowering your boat with a Quicksilver marine complete engine, ask an authorized Quicksilver repower dealer for more information.