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New Analog Gauges from Quicksilver

In the modern information age we live in, instant access to huge volumes of data about our daily lives is readily available, often in the palm of our hand. This is also true for modern boaters, who can choose from a wide range of ways to monitor and display information about the vital functions of their boat and engine, such as digital dashes and displays, mobile apps and other connected interfaces. These options provide tremendous convenience and access to information about a boat’s operation, but even in this highly connected world, there is still a place for the old-school analog gauge.

Analog gauges are a simple, rugged and reliable way to monitor a boat’s vital functions for boaters who desire a less-is-more approach to marine technology. With uncluttered faces and easy-to-read scales and pointers, analog gauges can be readily monitored with a quick glance at the boat’s dashboard. They are a particularly practical and popular choice for older boats and engines with mechanical controls.

To meet the needs of boaters seeking classic function and timeless quality, Quicksilver® analog gauges have been updated with modern graphics, new finishes and improved lighting that provide enhanced style and visibility.

Boaters can choose between the Classic line with chrome bezels and white or black gauge faces and the Sport line with brushed stainless steel or matte black bezels and black gauge faces to fit their preferred style. Newly designed backlight diffuser rings in each gauge distribute soft, even light across the face to improve appearance at night and make the gauges easier to read in all lighting conditions.

Quicksilver analog gauges are available in a range of options to monitor most essential boat and engine functions, including engine rpm, boat speed, battery voltage, fuel and trim level, oil pressure, and more. Quicksilver analog gauges are compatible with most marine engine brands and backed by the confidence and protection of a one-year limited warranty.

For boaters seeking a convenient, back-to-basics way to keep track of their boat’s operation without sacrificing any confidence or accuracy, Quicksilver analog gauges are a great choice.