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Quicksilver Battery Plate Kit

Reliable battery connections are essential to maintaining the performance of modern marine electronics. Many anglers are running multiple engines and electronic devices on their boats, as well as accessories such as radios and chargers, and they all require solid connection to the battery post.

The Quicksilver Battery Plate Kit offers anglers an alternative to stacking multiple ring terminals onto a single battery post. In this video, pro angler and The Next Bite host Korey Sprengel demonstrates installation of the Quicksilver Battery Plate Kit and discusses its benefits.

The solid brass battery plate mounts directly to the threaded battery post and offers seven individual connection points in three different sizes to best match the gauge of the wire and its ring terminal. The result is a secure connection for each terminal and ease of service if a terminal needs to be disconnected. The kit also includes a large cover that snaps over the battery plate, an important safety feature.

The Quicksilver Battery Plate Kit (P/N 898289T45) includes a 3/8-inch and a 5/16-inch battery plate with terminal studs and snap-on covers.