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What Makes the Quicksilver 409 MPI Bravo Engine Special?

For owners of older boats seeking to return to or extend their time on the water, the introduction of the new 409 MPI Bravo® FWC engine from Quicksilver® adds the prospect of a thrilling boost in performance to the list of practical reasons to breathe new life into a cherished classic with a repower. Let’s take a closer look at some commonly asked questions about this unique engine.

What is the 409 MPI Bravo?

The 409 MPI Bravo is the latest marine repower engine offering from Quicksilver. The 409 MPI Bravo displaces 409 cubic inches (6.7L) and is rated for 400hp with a 6,150-rpm redline. It is designed as a replacement for 502 (8.2L) and 496 H.O. (8.1L) sterndrive engines commonly installed in single or twin applications in large cruisers and sport boats up to 40 feet.

What type of engine is the 409 MPI Bravo?

The 409 MPI Bravo is based on a similar small-block engine platform as the Quicksilver 350 and 383 MPI engines. However, it delivers a completely new and different experience in terms of thrust, fuel efficiency and sound quality for owners seeking to repower a classic cruiser or performance boat.

What are the advantages of the small-block platform?

When installed according to Quicksilver’s prop selection guidelines and gearing recommendations, the 409 MPI Bravo delivers about 10% more thrust to the water than a 496 H.O. along with similar top speed. It produces that power while burning significantly less fuel and providing incredible throttle response from idle to top speed. The package is also 150 pounds lighter than a 496 H.O.