Quicksilver® Marine Longblocks




Quicksilver Marine Longblock Features

  • All-New Marine Engines

    Quicksilver marine longblock engines are new from the bottom up – never rebuilt, remanufactured or reconditioned. You get a brand-new engine with improved components, technology and built-in durability designed to withstand years of marine duty – one of the most abusive and demanding environments for any engine.

  • Custom Blocks

    The foundation of every Quicksilver longblock engine is a new iron block cast to our specifications and designed expressly for marine duty. Thicker castings ensure quieter operation and better durability in saltwater when compared to a standard automotive block.

  • Black-X Valves

    Black‑X composite valves contribute to a 42% reduction in valve wear compared to traditional stainless-steel valves with hardened seats, for longer engine life, especially in the presence of modern ethanol-blended fuels. Smooth-flowing Quicksilver cylinder heads deliver added performance in sterndrive or inboard installations.

  • Three-Year Limited Warranty

    Quicksilver engines are infused with quality. We’re so confident in them that we back every engine with a three-year limited warranty, the strongest in the industry.