Outboard Gearcases





  • Strong Warranty

    All Quicksilver gearcases are backed by a one-year limited warranty for boats used for recreational purposes.

  • Built-In Corrosion Resistance

    Superior corrosion resistance begins with our proprietary XK360 low-copper alloy. Protection is further enhanced by our Tri-Paint System, which creates a tough, durable corrosion-resistant barrier. Ultra-pure anodes protect the gearcase from galvanic corrosion.

  • Superior Quality

    A Quicksilver gearcase is assembled using the same quality gears, shafts and bearings found in a new Mercury outboard, and all rotating parts are aligned and shimmed to tolerances that are hard to match outside the factory environment. Count on many seasons of reliable service from a Quicksilver gearcase.

  • OEM Components

    You'll never catch us cutting corners. Every Quicksilver outboard gearcase comes complete with a durable water pump assembly and is filled with premium Quicksilver High Performance Gear Lube.

Mercury 4-Stroke Outboard Gearcase

Compatible with: 40/50/60/75/90/115/150hp

Mercury, Mariner Outboard Gearcase

Compatible with: 3-Cylinder 70/75/80/90hp, 4-Cylinder 10/115/125hp, V-6 Outboards

Mercury Verado Outboard Gearcase

Compatible with: L4 135-200, L6 200-275, L6 300hp