Quicksilver® Marine Complete Engines




Repower a Classic Sterndrive or Inboard Boat with a Quicksilver Marine Engine


  • All-New Marine Engines

    These are genuine marine engines, fitted with U.S. Coast Guard-approved components and corrosion-resistant fasteners, and finished with a durable corrosion-resistant paint process. You get a brand-new engine – never rebuilt or remanufactured – with improved components, technology and built-in durability designed to withstand years of marine duty – one of the most abusive and demanding environments for any engine.

  • Custom Blocks

    The foundation of every Quicksilver complete engine is a new iron block cast to our specifications and designed expressly for marine duty. Thicker castings ensure quieter operation and better durability in saltwater when compared to a standard automotive block.

  • Black-X Valves

    Black‑X composite valves contribute to a 42% reduction in valve wear compared to traditional stainless steel valves with hardened seats, for longer engine life, especially in the presence of modern ethanol-blended fuels. Smooth-flowing Quicksilver cylinder heads deliver added performance in sterndrive or inboard installations.

  • Multi-Port Fuel Injection (MPI)

    The modern Multi-Port Fuel Injection (MPI) featured on all Quicksilver V8 complete engines offers easier starts, improved fuel economy and snappier throttle response when replacing an older engine with a carburetor or early fuel-injection system.

  • Three-Year Limited Warranty

    Quicksilver engines are infused with quality. We’re so confident in them that we back every engine with a three-year limited warranty, the strongest in the industry.

  • Protected by Engine Guardian

    To protect your investment, most Quicksilver complete engines feature a helm-mounted Audio Warning System with Engine Guardian to protect against engine damage. Engine Guardian monitors the critical sensors on the engine and will respond to a problem by emitting a warning tone and/or reducing power to protect the engine.

  • Easy Repower Rigging

    Quicksilver complete marine engines are designed to work with analog (cable) controls, which helps keep the repower project easy and affordable. Display engine information on your choice of analog or SmartCraft® digitally driven gauges and displays (sold separately).

Alpha Sterndrive

Available in 2 configurations: 3.0L Alpha TKS – 135hp @ 4800RPM and 350 MPI Alpha – 300hp @ 4600-5000RPM

Meet the Quicksilver 350MPI Alpha Drive

Bravo Sterndrive

Available in 4 configurations: 350 MPI Bravo – 300hp @4600-5000RPM, 383 MPI Bravo – 350hp @4800-5200RPM, 409 MPI Bravo 400hp. 

Introducing the Quicksilver 409 MPI Bravo Engine

Inboard Engines

Available in 4 configurations: 350 MPI Horizon Inboard – Down Angle, 350 MPI Horizon Inboard – V-Drive, 8.1L MPI Horizon Inboard – Down Angle, 8.1L MPI Horizon Inboard – V-Drive

Tow Sport Engines

350 MPI Tow Sport – Engine & Inline Transmission – 315hp @ 5200RPM