Quicksilver® Marine Sterndrives





  • Factory Spec Inside

    All gears, shafts and bearings meet precise factory specifications for reliable service and smooth, quiet operation. Rotating parts are aligned and shimmed to tolerances that are hard to match outside the factory environment. Count on many seasons of reliable service from a Quicksilver sterndrive.

  • Easy to Maintain

    We incorporated technology that reduces overall maintenance and makes it easier to check and lubricate key components – in some cases, while the boat is still in the water. For extra peace of mind, the Drive Lube Monitor sounds a warning alarm if drive lube is low, saving you costly repairs.

  • Three-Year Limited Warranty

    The durability and reliability of every Quicksilver sterndrive unit is backed by a three-year limited warranty. Repower with confidence using quality Quicksilver components.

  • Built-In Corrosion Resistance

    Superior corrosion resistance begins with our proprietary XK360 low-copper alloy. Protection is further enhanced by our Tri-Paint System, which creates a tough, durable corrosion-resistant barrier. Ultra-pure anodes protect the drive from galvanic corrosion.

  • Advanced Hydrodynamics

    The hydrodynamic lower unit design minimizes drag to maximize speed and efficiency.

  • Flo-Torq® Equipped

    Most Quicksilver sterndrive prop shafts are designed to accept the Quicksilver Flo-Torq® II propeller hub that protects the entire drive from damage, not just the lower unit. The Flo-Torq® II hub system is a feature of a wide range of high-performance Quicksilver propellers.

Alpha Drive

Designed for engines up to 300hp and diesel engines up to 150hp, and boats capable of up to 65 mph.